The origins of Yog’var


Numerous different beliefs exist about how this planet was created. Some believe that it just appeared spontaneously and began to exist. I heard that version multiple times but the most memorable was a dark elf gentleman that told it to me using phrases such as “So there was nothing, and… POUF! It appeared by like magic or something. Magic explains everything!” Even if he really appeared to believe his story, I find myself not ready to trust it – probably because he was quite drunk.

Some other believe that some superior beings came and shaped the planet before leaving it to develop by itself. That version seems interesting but lacks of reel evidences.

The version that seems really interesting is the combination of the tales that is recounted by the elders of some tribes that are connected to their environment. I heard it from some wood elf druids while travelling through their lands. They told me about what they learned through their connection…

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