Funky Friday #2


Hello and welcome in this new series of posts. The principle is simple: Every two or three weeks, on a Friday, I will make a post like this one presenting a few songs (generally around 5) that I feel like listening lately. Those songs can have any kind of style and totally different release dates. I think it is a nice way of sharing my tastes and it can be interesting to discover or rediscover some songs for you.

Please leave in comment what songs you feel like listening lately 😉

Enjoy =D

This week we will start with a really cool song by 2080, and the video for it is just awesome.

Followed by another music inspired by video games: A remix of Lost Woods from Legend of Zelda by Ephixa

Let’s now get some calmer song with first Alt-J and their Tesselate song:

And some nice and calm Gorillaz

And to finish, one of the best, for me definitely the best, french rap song from the band IAM: Simple beat, amazing words.


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