Whole Chacha

Hello dear reader!

I wanted to introduce myself and explain what this website is used for.

I am a 25 years old student in Computer Science and Computing Neuroscience, working in Geneva, Switzerland and father of a little lovely monster. I like food, cooking and being lazy. It is a short introduction but it describe me pretty well I think.

Now let’s talk about what is this website for. I used to have just my cooking/recipe website, but I wanted first to show my drawings and digital creations and then to create and share an universe through writing. For each of those ideas, I created separated blogs. I then decided to create this blog, “Whole Chacha”, to centralize the main articles from each blogs so it is easier to follow all the blogs. But the second idea for this blog is to provide its own articles. There are for the moment only music articles but I wish to add some coding articles and perhaps some gaming ones to. With all those types of articles the slogan of the website is perfect: “A little bit of everything”.

To summarise, the main idea of this website is to share with you the different things that I like.

So I hope you enjoy some of them 😉

Chacha (pronounce as “Sha Sha”)


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