Funky Friday #3


Hello and welcome in this new series of posts. The principle is simple: Every two or three weeks, on a Friday, I will make a post like this one presenting a few songs (generally around 5) that I feel like listening lately. Those songs can have any kind of style and totally different release dates. I think it is a nice way of sharing my tastes and it can be interesting to discover or rediscover some songs for you.

Please leave in comment what songs you feel like listening lately 😉

Enjoy =D

This week selection have some sort of nostalgic feel.

We start with Manchester Orchestra and their song “Virgin” that gives me think of Pink Floyd, probably due to the kids singing:

Some pretty old Russian rock that my family was listening in the car during long travel when I was a kid:

A superb artist: Tom Day. His creations are so peaceful and beautiful:

I had a period where I was constantly listening Blackmill’s music and one of my favourite was:

To finish this week selection, Owsey’s music is perfect:



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