Vah’Anagra and the birth of life.


Dear friend, glad to see you again. As you may recall from our last meeting, I was talking about the sprout of Vah’Anagra. Since that discussion I was honoured with more stories about that holy plant. I indeed was invited by the wood elf sages, or as they are called “Ahan naahaleh” – literally: “Knowledge Keepers”. They are a council of the oldest druids whose duty is to keep and transmit the knowledge of their civilisation and of their tribe. This knowledge contains the history, myths and lore of wood elfs as well as the techniques and recipes of their tribe. I will talk more in details about the wood elf civilisation an other time.

To return to my initial point, I have been invited to learn more about the roots and origins of their culture.

Everything started from the sprout of Vah’Anagra that was the first living being. The…

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