The “Smarties Fish” Cake

Nom Num Nyum


Let’s play the “cooking TV fancy dish name” game: I will go with “The chocolate and Caramel Fish with crispy chocolate scales swimming in a sea of sweetness”.

So it was my son’s 2nd birthday party and my girlfriend asked me to do a fish shaped cake for him because he likes fishes.
I am not really into baking but still tried and I think the result was not that bad in the end.
It is a fish shaped sponge cake with butter cream and smarties in the middle, topped with some caramel chocolate icing and smarties to do the scales. The white decoration was made using a white vanilla decoration tube.
But my son is not really into cake, so the cake was only eaten by adults.


  • Sponge cake:
    • 250gr of self rising Floor
    • 250gr of Sugar
    • 4 Eggs
    • 250gr of Butter
    • Pinch of salt
  • Butter cream:
    • 100gr of Butter

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