Raz’Naaq, The “Life Moulder”


Last time we left each other when I was telling you about Vah’Anagara and the birth of
Raz’Naaq, the “First Elf”. Truth be told, he was not an elf at all. Indeed he was closer
to a tree than to an actual elf, even if he looked like a wood elf.
Additionally to his title of “First Elf”, he is known by the wood elves as “The One Druid”
and the “Life Moulder”. I will explain both of those titles, but will start with the second
To explain this “Life Moulder” name, we will focus on the pre-elf period.

Vah’Anagara created Raz’Naaq for two main reasons. The first one was to have a child that is able to move around so it could discover new things faster and go further. The second and most important reason was to help Vah’Anagara to create new kind of “children”, the one that…

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