Peace Friday #1


Hello and welcome in this new series of posts. The principle is simple: Every two or three weeks, on a Friday, I will make a post like this one presenting a few songs (generally around 5) that I feel like listening lately. There are 3 kind of “Friday’s posts”: Peace, for calm songs, Boost, for songs that are giving you a boost, and Heavy, for nice and heavy songs.

Please leave in comment what songs you feel like listening lately 😉

Enjoy =D

To go with the “Peace Friday” Logos, here is some music.

“Daybreak” from Varien to start:

Abandoned remix of Spheriá’s “Visions”:

This one is less peaceful itself but create a feeling of relaxation in me: Faux Tales and “Ascent”.

I already told you about both of them, so when one of them remix a song of the other the only possible result is awesome. Varien’s remix of Crywolf’s “Wake [E-bow]”:

And finally an artist that I will need to do a post about: Tom Day. Every single on his music is so peaceful and enjoyable. I think “Lala & Lili” is just perfect to finish this first Peace Friday.


Have a nice relaxation!


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