Death & Rebirth

Death & Rebirth

Today we will talk Rock.

And you probably think “Rock and a band called ‘Death & Rebirth’, he’s probably talking of Metal and it’s some heavy stuff”. If you do think this, you a few galaxy away from the truth.

Death & Rebirth is a quite new band creating some lovely Post-rock music.

“Què? Post-rock?” Yeah, I discovered it recently too, thanks to this band. Post-rock is” is a subgenre of rock music characterized by the influence and use of instruments commonly associated with rock, but using rhythms and “guitars as facilitators of timbre and textures” not traditionally found in rock. Post-rock bands are often instrumental.” (thank you wikipedia)

So to come back to Death & Rebirth. For the moment they published only two songs on Soundcloud but both are seriously good. You should give it a try 😉

Enjoy 😉


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