Boost Friday #7

Boost Friday5

Last week I had such a long week that I forgot to post this Boost Friday, but I actually created the playlist ^^’.

If you had a tough week to (or even if you did not) enjoy a little Boost:

We will begin with the pretty chill “California Girls” by NoMBe and Sonny Alven:

The lovely voice of Dani King as a featuring in “Pretty Lies” from Alvaro Delgado and Wilbergh:

Talking about voices, the singer in Ashton Love’s “Satisfy” has a nice and strong voice:

And let’s continue with interesting voices: “Undisclosed Desire” by James Oklander and Phuture Mafia:

And to finish, the very dancy (that makes me want to dance) remix by Ryos of “Wanna Lose You” from Borgeous and tyDi:


And as always, the playlist:

Have a lovely week-end 😉


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