Japan: Day 1-2

Nom Num Nyum


I am writing from Japan =D


I left you a few days ago in Frankfurt. After writing the post, I went on that huge Airplane to Japan. It was a super cool flight. I met some German guys with who I will have a drink in Osaka, watched a few movies and turbo napped for one hour. The flight was about 10 hours long and we were served some nice food (and some whisky =D ). The dinner was really yummy: a simple salade, two maki sushis, beef guydon and a brownie. Beef Guydon is a rice served with sweet simmered beef and some ginger. I really liked it.


For breakfast, we got omelet with “Rösti” — actually it was simple potatoes and not rösti — a tomato sauce and some spinach. Ah! And some melted cheese on the omelet. I actually never thought of having omelet with spinach…

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