Raz’Naaq, The “The One Druid”


Shall we continue our previous discussion about Raz’Naaq.

Due to their very weak connection to Vah’Anagra compared to the rest of the Nature, the wood elves had to participate once every six months to a ceremony with Raz’Naaq to not loose the link to the Nature. It could be missed but after a too long period the link was severed and that how slowly humans appeared but this is a history fact that I will elaborate in a future meeting.

The ceremony was at first happening during the solstices and almost all the wood elves were participating. They would gather around Raz’Naaq and making an “elfic tree” – the druid would be in the middle with his hands on the heads of two elves whose hands are on the heads of two other elf each, and so forth until everybody is connected to the druid through a chain of other elves. Raz’Naaq…

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