Heavy Friday #4

Hey, hey, hey! I’m back.

And I have a lot of selected music =D
All this time I was not posting, I was collecting good music until I would have time to share it with you.

So I have enough for a few months of posting one Boost Friday every week AAAAND one Heavy or Peace Friday a week too!


Except today because had not the time to do the picture for the Boost one ^^’.

So we start with a slow one, with high vocals and loooow bass, thanks to Hipsta Clique and theirs “Death Manor”:

For this one, it is a big collaboration of Wolfe, Earsley, Osotyt and Thomas Gordon for the Lowkey Lit Vol 1. :

My headset is vibrating with this one. Soren and his “Galaxy” are nearly my favorite of the week:

I know it’s “Heavy Friday”, but I like this one for the calm part and I am not really fond of the heavy one ^^’. But still great work from Lektrique and Panther for “Dark Matter”:

Finally, the best for the end — or “my favorite” would me more right — it just makes me move every time I hear it and the vocals really surprised me. Thank you Earbutter and Cutty Ranks for this “Bone Crusher” and CONTRVBVND for his remix:

More will come next week =D !!

PS: Tell me which is your favorite 😉

Ah and I nearly forgot the playlist ^^’:


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