Peace Friday #6

Oye! Oye!

Long day before the week-end and you need to relax?
Here is a nice Peace Friday that can actually transition to a Boost one.

We start very calmly with a lovely piano music of Miro — “An Elegy for Innocence”:

“My Heart is Still Beating To the Beat of Yours” by Mindsight feels like a flying butterfly in a fairy tale:

I think the background of this song is just perfect description of how it feels. “Illuminate” by The Kite String Tangle and Dustin Tebbutt:

What a lovely melody from Autograf with that amazing voice of WYNNE: “Nobody Knows”

And we finish with UNORTHODOX and “Chryslis”. I know it sounds like it should be in a Boost Friday, but it somehow sooth me:

To conclude, the playlist:

Have a lovely week-end 😉


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