Heavy Friday #5


I hope you all had a nice week, and I know that by the local time I’m late to say “Friday” but who cares? =P

So today I tried to select musics for Heavy Friday that are a mix of styles. Or at least that I consider as a mix of styles. I know, I know, my “style” definition is quite wrong but any way … =D I hope you like it 😉

So we start with a rocky one that makes my tongue stick out and hand-horn. NIGHTOWLS and Sullivan King for “Cardboard Castles”:

I don’t know why but this one makes me thing of an heavy “30 minutes to Mars”. Do you feel the same about Varien’s remix of Hundred Suns and “Fractional”?

This one is in my favorite “Heavy”s for a long time. Actually this whole LEViT∆TE’s EP is amazing. “Act 2” with Zuse:

This “Hide” is quite peculiar, but I like it. Nice job Blvzt!

And we finish with the lovely work of VALENTINE on BASECAMP’s “In Stone”:

And as always, the playlist:

Enjoy your week end 😉


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